What Is P90X

what is p90xYou may have heard of the exciting new system known as P90X designed by Tony Horton to help you lose weight and get fit.

Tony Horton has been studying weight loss techniques and physical fitness all his life so he is considered a cut above the other fitness trainers in the nation.

Tony has worked with a wide range of clients over the course of his career, including many celebrities.

The P90X program crystallizes his understanding of how to provide fitness to the entire population.

P90X Workout – 12 DVD Program

There are 12 DVDs that lay out the entire P90X program. You can also get additional information at the P90X official site, if you have already bought the DVD series.

Even by itself, the DVD set will give you enough information to start your weight loss and muscle toning immediately.

The P90X program is not like the other classic weight loss/muscle building programs. If you think you will be using machines and lifting heavy weights you will be surprised.

The P90X workouts you will be using lighter weights and a full range of motions. This is a different approach from using heavy weights in combination with muscle isolation training.

Use All Your Muscles

With the P90X workout, you will use all the muscles in your body while you develop certain areas.

This system is special because other programs in the past made people go through difficult isolation training to work on the back, shoulders, abs, and other muscle groups.

The Horton P90X training eliminates the painful isolation workouts so you will be able to get a fantastic beachbody in just under an hour of training each day.

P90X Nutrition Plan

You may wonder: if the P90X system is so great, why does it come with a nutrition guide? There are many reasons why nutrition is so important.

It’s hard to believe that nutrition is so important with all the new weight loss products that are coming out with the claim that you can eat what you want and still look great.

You may have also heard that you can eat junk food and it won’t matter as long as you are burning off the calories with intensive workouts.

This is absolutely not true. If you feed your body with garbage, you will feel heavy and not have enough energy to get the most out of the workouts.

You need to provide your body with high quality nutrients so you have the fuel and basic building blocks needed to get a ripped beachbody.

Is There Any Additional P90X Equipment Required?

Surprisingly you can get by with only a pull up bar and dumbbells or resistance bands. This is shocking considering the results that everyone is getting from this workout.

There is some other equipment that is recommended throughout the program but none are necessary.

What About P90X Supplements?

Supplements are optional. If you looking at only getting one you should probably consider getting the protein power.

But if you are looking to get completely ripped then you should seriously consider looking into the rest.

What Comes With In The Bundle?

When you order P90X you will receive twelve DVDs that are designed to workout different parts of the body.

You will also get a nutrition guide to enable you to have a balanced source of nutrition throughout the ninety day workout program and beyond. You should consult with your Doctor if you have any hesitations about taking on P90X.

Which Is Better – P90X vs Insanity?

The most obvious differences between P90X and Insanity are the following:

P90X Insanity
90 Days 60 Days
60 Minutes 45 Minutes
12 Workout Dvds 10 Workout Dvds
6 Days On, 1 Day Off Same
Pull up bar, Dumbbells/Resistance Bands None
Price: $140 $145

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