Nutrition Plan

p90x nutrition guideThe P90X workouts are pretty intense so you want to be well energized by following the P90X nutrition plan to get the most out of it.

Your body need the proper amount of calories and nutrients so that your body can burn the fat that is stored while building the lean muscle you want.

You are still likely to see decent results if you don’t follow the P90X nutrition plan as long as you maintain a pretty good diet and follow the rest of the program properly.

But if you are looking into getting completely ripped then it is important you follow the nutrition plan as much as possible.

The P90X nutrition plan is based around scientific evidence. It isn’t a secret that combining a well balanced diet with exercise is the best way to get completely ripped.

P90x 3-Phase Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan was carefully crafted to have the perfect amount of nutrients and calories. This will allow you to burn your fat off while building muscle during your p90x workouts.

The phase lengths are not set in stone if you think you need to stay at one phase longer go ahead.

Things You Should Know About The P90X Meal Plan

The P90X diet plan is pretty intense. You can bet that you will be changing the way you eat when you follow this diet plan.


There won’t be many meals where a good protein source is skipped. You need lean protein to burn fat and it will also help with your recovery after the P90X workouts.

Drink Water

There are a ton of well known benefits to drinking the proper amount of water. You will have to drink at least 10 glasses everyday. You will be doing a lot of sweating when you are exercising so it’s important to stay well hydrated.

Smaller Portions

You will have to say goodbye to eating two large meals everyday. The whole p90x meal plan is based around smaller more frequent meals. This will help you have a steady flow of energy through the entire day.

You will have to plan your meals ahead of time and probably put a little more time than you are used to preparing your meals and snacks.

P90X Supplements

You can take the recommended supplements if you want to take your workout to the next level. In the program you will hear about whey protein, recovery drinks, energy and endurance, protein bars etc. It is your choice to buy use these supplements.

Say Goodbye To Sugar and White Bread

Unfortunately so many of us are use to getting our energy from. Ingredients like sugar and white flour actually make your hungrier and crave more carbohydrates. The P90X nutrition plan calls for whole grains.