P90X Supplements

The demands of the p90x workout create serious stresses for your body. If you want to recuperate from these exercises and build muscles quickly, you need powerful supplements to your regular diet. The following examples are just some of the supplements out there that can maximize the effects of your p90x workout.

P90x Results and Recovery Formula

The formula in this supplement is designed specifically to back up and support the p90x workout. It does more than simply fill you up with a lot of bland nutrients and an odd texture. This supplementary beverage is a great drink all on its own.

The most important part of the supplement, though, is the underlying content of vital nutrients. This includes a formula based on dextrose which will aid you in replenishing your glycogen as fast as possible. Glycogen is the form of sugar in your muscles that is first used up as you exercise.

In addition to the energy replenishment offered by the dextrose, you also need protein to help you resynthesize muscles after your workout stresses them. The p90x Results and Recovery Formula combines a high ratio of protein with its energy content to make sure that you are ready for your next workout with bigger, stronger muscles. It ensures this recovery with the additional vitamins and antioxidants included in the drink.

Of all the p90x supplements, this one is a little expensive. A 30-day supply costs over $50 after shipping and handling.

P90x Peak Performance Protein Bars

Just because you are engaging in an intense cross-training program does not mean that you have to avoid enjoying yourself. The p90x Peak Performance protein bar is not just another chunk of nutrients and vitamins. You will find much more than the 20 grams of protein that the marketers promise in these bars. They come in four different flavors.

The public rates these p90x supplements highly for their pure quality in addition to their great taste. Amazingly, you get all the protein that you need in this delicious bar but without consuming any trans fat. They are excellent substitute for snacks when you find yourself understandably hungry after an intense p90x workout.

Energy and Endurance

The product has received high ratings for quality and effectiveness. This is probably due to the results derived from this scientific formula that is carefully produced in order to increase strength and endurance.

These p90x supplements are designed to do two things. They are meant to help you burn calories at a faster pace during a workout and help you build muscle faster after you have finished. The ingredients include more than the basic protein and energy components. There are also various B vitamins and electrolytes to improve your performance e and the way that you feel throughout and afterward. A 30-day supply is available for as little as $30.

P90x Peak Health Formula

Compared to other formulas and supplements, the Peak health product receives glowing reviews in all categories, including taste. Formulated to work specifically to benefit people in the p90x training regimen, this drink contains a high quantity of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Its makers stress its ability to do much more than increase energy and muscle synthesis. They claim that it supports the immune system, memory and the cardiovascular system as well. A month’s supply sells for $42.95.


Shakeology is a product as well as a way of life. This is an extremely dense formula that nevertheless aims to give consumers a good-tasting supplement. The producers of this drink stress the derivation of its 70 nutrients from whole foods around the world. Rather than endanger your system with chemicals, you get a variety of excellent food in a small drink.

Shakeology will help its buyers do more than simply lower their weight. It also aims to improve overall health through the support of the digestive system and other internal health factors. This is more than a workout supplement. Its goals include the reinforcement of general health and freedom from heart attacks, hypertension and so on. Shakeology also offers vegan formulas.

These p90x supplements are available online and in stores. They are indispensable to people who want to get the maximum benefit from their p90x workout.

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