The Workout

p90x workoutThe P90X workout program is different from a lot of other products out there.

The p90x system makes use of the best fitness tool (you) and maximizes the power and flexibility in your body.

P90X workouts are unique because you don’t have to depend on expensive workout equipment.

The only equipment recommended is a chin up bar and resistance bands or a set of dumb bells. The workouts make use of your own body weight most of the time.

Get Ripped In 90 Days

This fitness program demands that you invest a lot of time into it if your goal is to get ripped in 90 days. For the best results you should devote one hour a day six days a week.

If you don’t have that much time then just do what you have time for, you will still get a good workout and see results. You just can’t expect to see the same results as someone who is doing the P90X workout the way it was designed.

P90X Core Principle Is Muscle Confusion

Muscle confusion is the secret sauce that really makes P90X work so well. The workouts are designed in a very specific way so that your muscles never get use to the workouts. When you do the same workout over and over again your body gets use to it.

When your body becomes adapted to the exercises you do your weight loss will slow down. But with P90X muscle confusion foundation your body isn’t able to adapt to the exercises so you will never plateau.

P90X Workout Schedule

There are three different schedule variations you can do; Classic, Lean and Double. You should start with classic or lean and then when you get the hang of those move on to double.

The 12 P90X Workout DVDs

You will receive 12 different DVDs when you buy P90X. Each DVD features unique workouts that will each target different muscle groups and areas of the body.

p90x workouts

1. P90X Chest and Back

You can expect to find a combination of pull up and push up movements that will target multiple muscle groups.

2. P90X Plyometrics

Plyometrics is jump training. This DVD is an intense cardio workout where you will be up in the air for a lot of it. This is especially perfect if you play any kind of sport.

3. P90X Shoulders and Arms

This workout will incorporate curling, pressing and fly movements. Perfect defined shoulders and arms.

4. p90x Yoga X

In this DVD you will work on calming your mind while working on your body at the same time. The workout focuses on coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and breathing.

5. P90X Legs and Back

This is a total body workout combining the lunge, squat and pull. You can expect to feel this workout in your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads.

6. P90X Kenpo X

This is a high intensity cardiovascular workout that will keep you kick and punching. This DVD will improve your coordination, flexibility, endurance and balance.

7. P90X X Stretch

People ofter over look the importance of stretching. Stretching is important with any workout and Tony has dedicated a whole DVD to it. Stretching is proven to help prevent injuries.

8. P90X Core Synergistics

You can expect to have your core muscles completely engaged throughout this workout.

9. P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

This workout will target all your upper body muscles, both large and small.

10. P90x Backs and Biceps

Expect to do some curls ups and push ups in this routine.

11. p90x Cardio X

This is a video that you can add or remove from your workout schedule as desired. You expect to do a variety of movement throughout this one. From kicking to jumping to squatting expect it all.

12. P90X Ab Ripper X

This is where your six pack abs will be sculpted into the abs of your dreams.

P90X Workout Sheets

Theses workout sheets are important to your P90X success. Keeping track of the amount of weight and how many reps you completed for each exercise will allow you to see how far you have come.