Tony Horton

tony hortonQuick Facts

Birth Date: July 2, 1958
Net Worth: $10 Million
Height: 1.8 metres / 5’9″

Tony Wasn’t Always Ripped

Tony Horton is a fitness guru that is most known for his P90X Extreme Home Fitness program. It would probably surprise you to learn that he didn’t always sport his six pack abs and completely ripped body. Earlier in Tony’s life he didn’t enjoy exercising at all and use to dread that idea of working out. He also enjoyed eating a lot of fast food.

Horton went to the University of Rhode Island where he played football. After having a bad football experience he dropped that and decided to take a weight class. This is where he developed his true passion for exercise. He had a great respect for her instructor who showed him how exercise could be fun.

Developing His Passion For Exercise

After University Tony moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. He also joined a gym there and developed his passion for exercise routines that focus around flexibility, speed and balance while developing muscles. He was also introduced to interval training around this time.

Horton became a personal trainer and started his first business in the early 1980s. Some of his clients included; Tom Petty, Usher, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks and Billy Idol to name a few. He has even trained vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. He was also published in a variety of health and fitness magazine for workout plans he developed.

Expert Is Many Areas Of Fitness

Tony has a well rounded background of experience. He is an expert in the following areas:Post-rehabilitation training

  • Advanced Stretching
  • Weight And Resistance Training
  • Cardiovascular and Aerobic Training
  • Yoga
  • Kicking Boxing/Boxing
  • Circuit, Cross and Interval Training

Power 90

Power 90 was his first true success. It was released in 2001 and is home work out. It is a boot camp type set up the uses the combination of strength training and intense cardio exercises. Tony had a few other producted released after but nothing compared to P90X.

Tony And Beachbody Team Up – P90X Is Born

In 2004 Beachbody wanted to work with Tony. This is where the P90X extreme home workout system  was born. It is designed to really step it up and getting completely ripped in 90 days. During the 90 days you have to follow intense diet and workout plans. One of the key components that make P90X work so well is muscle confusion.

After P90X

The follow up series P90X+ was designed for those who completely p90x and wanted more.

P90X 2

Continue your journy with Tony in P90X2. Featureing 12 new workout videos that take it up to another level. The training techniques used in this series are the same ones used by professional sport trainers. You can expect to see more focus on your core, agility, athletic function and balance

Ten Minute Trainer

Ten Minute Trainer was released in 2008 with busy people in mind. It is a series of short workouts routines that let you get in a really good workout when you are really in a crunch for time.

One On One With Tony Horton

Also in 2008 he came out with the one on one monthly exercise video series. The exercises are filled in his home studio. You can expect to see some high intensity workouts in this series. It was used as a trial program for P90X2.

Tony The Author

Tony released his first book “Bring It” in January 2010. Inside the book you can read his secrets about how to get healthy and fit by melting away those extra pounds.¬† Bring It shows how you can develop your own fitness and nutrition plan, unlike most product that push their one diet fits all solutions.
Crush It

Tony released an ebook called in May 2012 Crush It that is available on Amazon. This book is based around the Warrior’s workout. You can expect both video and step by step photos of the exercises found in the ebook.

Tony Hortons Powerstands

Designed so that you can have the perfect push up with the least strain on your body. Features an ergonomic with foam hand grips and a no skid base.